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The Art of Leading in the Modern World

Being a leader today is daunting... The expectations are for one to not just plan, organise and manage a group of fellow volatile human beings in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world that we live in, but to double up as a mentor, confidant, therapist, coach, cheerleader and friend.

School may have prepared us well to take on the tasks assigned when we join the workforce, our seniors at work may hand down what 'had worked' or tips to succeed in a specific role, but how do we learn to be a better leader?


Any frequent traveler will know the standard flight safety advisory that in the event of cabin depressurisation, one has to 'put on your oxygen mask before assisting others'.

That's why our signature Deep Human Leadership Training focuses on both how to lead yourself, through learning self-awareness and self-mastery, and how to lead others with empathy and effective boundaries.

​Deep Human Leadership Programme Overview

  • Artificial intelligence and technological advancements continue to increase volatility in our rapidly changing world. As machines and AI take over more and more tasks, leaders are called on to think strategically, adapt rapidly and connect on a deeply human level

  • Amidst a future of disruption, leaders need a strong foundation of healthy mindsets and social-emotional skills to motivate their team, communicate clearly and deliver consistent high-performance

  • The Deep Human Leadership Programme was originally designed in 2015, when the Singapore Government commissioned Forest Wolf to design a future-ready leadership programme for 16 companies in the Biomedical Sciences and Healthcare sector, code named the “Zodiac Initiative”

  • This programme was such a success that we now run leadership programmes based on the Deep Human Leadership core curriculum for global clients across all industries

  • What differentiates us is our deep and broad expertise in psychology (mindset change), neuroscience and leadership, coupled with cross-cultural experience, having trained people and advised institutions and governments from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-east, Central Asia, Africa and the US

Key Training Objectives

  1. Understanding future-ready leadership in the age of AI and what Deep Human skills, mindsets and identity shifts are needed to be effective

  2. Learning self-awareness, self-mastery and self-management for effective personal leadership and increased resilience as a leader

  3. Overcoming limiting beliefs & developing empowering mindsets

  4. Enhancing interpersonal skills for collaborating, influencing, and inspiring others

  5. Developing difficult conversation skills (e.g. giving feedback and managing conflict)

  6. Understanding psychological safety, culture change, and developing high performance teams


Can I attend if I'm not a leader?

Definitely. Firstly, we are focusing on inner leadership and self-mastery, and then building strong interpersonal skills, which can be used in any context involving dealing with humans. Secondly, 1/3 of the participants we train are high-potential individual performers preparing for leadership

Are bulk/corporate discounts available?

Yes, please write to us at if you intend to come as a group

Will you provide me with the slides used?

Yes you will have access to all slides, handouts and materials

When does Early Bird pricing end?

Early bird tickets are available up to two weeks prior to the first day of the training, i.e. up to 7th October 2023 for the upcoming run (20-21st Oct).


Do note that there are limited places for the workshop and ticket sales will cease once all spots have been filled.

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