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The Art of Leading in the Modern World

In a world of rapid change and artificial intelligence, what separates us from the robots are Deep Human abilities such as self-awareness, empathy, creativity and collaboration. We term these our Deep Human superskills. They are essential to help us focus amidst the noise, so that we can engage with others deeply and build a successful and resilient life no matter what lies ahead.


While formal education equips us with the skills needed for professional tasks, the transition into leadership demands a more nuanced set of capabilities. Thus, the question remains: What is the essence of effective leadership?

This programme delves into the intricacies of leading others with empathy and establishing effective boundaries, while emphasising the foundational aspect of leadership – that of leading oneself. Through the cultivation of self-awareness and self-mastery, our training aims to equip leaders with the skills necessary for navigating the complexities of contemporary leadership.

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​Deep Human Leadership Programme Overview

  • As machines and AI progressively assume a broader array of tasks, the demand on leaders intensifies. What is imperative are the Deep Human skills of strategic thinking, rapid adaptability, and a profound connection on a human level.

  • Leaders need a robust foundation grounded in healthy mindsets and social-emotional skills. These elements are pivotal not only for motivating teams but also for facilitating clear communication and consistently delivering high performance.

  • The genesis of the Deep Human Leadership Programme dates back to 2015, when the Government of Singapore commissioned Forest Wolf to craft a forward-looking leadership initiative.

  • Initially designated for 16 companies within the Biomedical Sciences and Healthcare sector under the code name "Zodiac Initiative," its success has propelled the extension of our leadership programmes. Today, we proudly offer leadership programmes worldwide, drawing from the core curriculum of the Deep Human Leadership approach.

  • What sets us apart is our profound and extensive expertise spanning psychology, with a focus on mindset change, neuroscience, and leadership. This is complemented by our cross-cultural experience, having trained individuals and advised institutions and governments across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Key Training Objectives

  1. Gain Insight into Future-Ready Leadership Amidst the Age of AI: Comprehend the essential Deep Human skills, mindsets, and identity shifts required for effective leadership in an era dominated by artificial intelligence.

  2. Cultivate Personal Leadership Through Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery, and Self-Management: Acquire the tools for effective personal leadership by delving into the realms of self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-management, fostering increased resilience as a leader.

  3. Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Foster Empowering Mindsets: Challenge and overcome limiting beliefs, cultivating empowering mindsets that serve as catalysts for personal and professional growth.

  4. Enhance Interpersonal Skills for Collaboration, Influence, and Inspiration: Develop and refine interpersonal skills crucial for collaboration, influence, and inspiration, creating a positive impact on team dynamics and overall leadership effectiveness.

  5. Master Difficult Conversations, Including Feedback and Conflict Management: Hone the skills necessary for navigating challenging conversations, including the art of giving constructive feedback and managing conflicts with finesse.

  6. Grasp the Dynamics of Psychological Safety, Culture Change, and Team Performance: Gain an understanding of the intricacies of psychological safety, culture change, and the development of high-performance teams, contributing to a thriving organizational environment.

  7. Our Deep Human Leadership experience isn't just about theory—it's about practical tools, experiential learning, live demonstrations, role-play, discussions, and interactive activities. Elevate your leadership, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace the future with confidence.

Press Coverage

DHL Leadership Training (“Project Zodiac”) featured on

The Straits Times in 2019

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Can I attend if I'm not a leader?

Definitely. Firstly, we are focusing on inner leadership and self-mastery, and then building strong interpersonal skills, which can be used in any context involving dealing with humans. Secondly, 1/3 of the participants we train are high-potential individual performers preparing for leadership.

Are bulk/corporate discounts available?

Yes, please write to us at if you intend to come as a group.

Will you provide me with the slides used?

Yes you will have access to all slides, handouts and materials.

When does Early Bird pricing end?

Early bird tickets are available up to three weeks prior to the first day of the training.

Do note that there are limited places for the workshop and ticket sales will cease once all spots have been filled.

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