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Learn the Art & Science of Facilitation with our master facilitators Crystal & Dr. Gregor Lim-Lange
Early Bird special - ends in March 2024 or when tickets are sold out

Deep Human Facilitation Training - The Art & Science of Facilitation

An intensive course in the fundamentals of facilitation.

Designed to equip facilitators with the skills, mindsets and practical tools needed to create powerful, meaningful and engaging workshops and group experiences

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Do you aspire to lead transformational workshops, training programmes or retreats?

Do you wish you knew how to get people to speak up, engage and participate in discussions?

Do you want to learn how to handle challenging participants with skill and ease?


The Art and Science of Facilitation is an intensive 2-level course in the fundamentals of facilitation that is designed to equip facilitators with the skills, mindsets and practical tools they need to create powerful, meaningful and engaging workshops and group experiences. 

This course is for you if you are a facilitator, educator, HR or Learning & Development professional, or if your work calls for you to facilitate meaningful group discussions and gatherings. 

Participants can choose to participate in Level 1 training which is for facilitators who facilitate simpler workshops and training programmes, or those who are newer to facilitation.


Following on from Level 1 training, Level 2 training is for advanced facilitators whose work requires them to navigate more complex group experiences e.g. handling senior level participants and stakeholders, navigating more complicated situations and team dynamics, targeting deeper levels of  transformation, more challenging audiences, or larger group sizes.

Master facilitators Crystal Lim-Lange and Dr. Gregor Lim-Lange will lead this training programme, and each intake of participants will be deliberately kept to a small group so as to ensure every participant receives personal attention and coaching. 

Our Deep Human approach

Our approach is highly experiential with an emphasis on transformative learning. Deep Human Facilitation Training is designed to develop three aspects of facilitation skills - intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills and situational / group skills: 


Intrapersonal Skills

Internal skills that help you control your focus, manage emotions and optimise your mindsets so you can face challenging and volatile situations with self-mastery


Interpersonal Skills

Social skills which will help you connect better to others, understand others motivations and build trust, empathy and engagement


Situational / Group Skills

Situational skills which focus on group dynamics and develop a culture of psychological safety so that people feel confident to engage, trust and speak up

We are offering 2 levels of training:

LEVEL 1 - Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Facilitation Skills
2 day face to face non-residential retreat (Singapore) - 22nd & 23rd April 2024

LEVEL 2 - Situational skills and group dynamics
2 day face to face non-residential retreat (Singapore) - 3rd & 4th June 2024
*Participants must complete Level 1 first to participate in Level 2

Level 1 Training 

Level 1 Course Curriculum: focuses on the Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills a facilitator needs 


  • Introduction to facilitation – why do you want to be a facilitator? 

  • Deep Human Facilitation approach – understanding embodiment and the 3 intelligences – head, heart and gut

  • Teaching / Presenting vs Facilitating

  • Attitudes of a facilitator, mindfulness and active noticing

  • Understanding the transformational learning cycle

  • Setting up a safe learning environment

  • Mindsets of an effective facilitator


  • Holding space and showing up with authenticity

  • Active listening

  • Empathy and boundaries

  • Understanding different types of communication and motivations

  • Asking good questions 

  • Introduction to different types of exercises, activities and modalities to engage participants

Level 1 Training Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills 
2-day non-residential face to face retreat led by master facilitators Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange in Singapore

  • 22nd & 23rd April 2024 (two days in-person) 

  • Participants will receive 2 group virtual coaching calls to integrate their learning (date TBC). 


What you will gain from Level 1 Training

  • Understanding of the principles of effective facilitation 

  • Awareness of your strengths and developmental areas as a facilitator

  • Self-mastery skills to help you gain confidence and manage difficult emotions

  • Improved social emotional intelligence

  • Enhanced interpersonal communication and facilitation skills

  • Improved ability to understand team dynamics and engage groups

  • An appreciation of how to build trust and psychological safety in team culture

  • Practice, customised guidance and coaching

Participants who complete the full Level 1 training programme will receive a certificate of completion of the Deep Human Facilitation Level 1 programme, gain access to the Deep Human Facilitator Community and will qualify to participate in Level 2 Advanced training programmes and retreats in future

Level 1 Training pricing :
2 months of training including 2 full days of face to face training, 2 coaching calls, supervision and feedback 

Level 1 Training – Usual price S$3,660.26 / Early bird offer S$2614.76 (until three weeks prior or when places run out) 

Level 2 Training 

Situational / Group skills

  • Becoming the architect of culture

  • Introduction to psychological safety and building a safe container

  • Top down vs bottom up facilitation

  • Deepening understanding of group exercises and when to use each for maximum effectiveness – solo work, pair share, group mingles, group shares

  • Practicing facilitating exercises

  • Giving clear instructions to small, medium and large groups

  • The art of the debrief and linking participant sharing

  • Operating without structure – co-creation and open-ended exploration

  • Voice work and projection

  • Exploring your shadow as a facilitator

  • Common difficult situations / types of participants

  • Difficult situations roleplay and coaching

  • Learning to design a workshop

  • Live coaching and feedback 

  • Assignment and assessment 


Level 2 Training - 2-day face to face non-residential retreat in Singapore led by master facilitators Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange (3rd & 4th June 2024) + 3 group virtual coaching calls (dates TBC).

What you will gain from Level 2 Training

  • Confidence to facilitate larger group workshops and experiences

  • Greater awareness of team dynamics and how to engage groups

  • Ability to handle difficult situations and challenging participants

  • Deeper understanding and self-awareness of your strengths and development areas

  • Practical experience with workshop design

  • Live coaching and feedback

  • Supervision and integration coaching 

Participants who complete the Level 2 full training programme will receive a certificate of completion of the Deep Human Facilitation Level 2 programme and will qualify to attend Level 3 advanced courses and retreats in future.

Level 2 Training pricing :
2 months of training including 2 full days of face to face non-residential training in Singapore, 3 coaching calls, supervision, feedback and assessment. 

Level 2 Training Launch offer:
If you decide to enrol for Level 1 and 2 together in our early bird period (until three weeks prior or when places run out, whichever is earlier) the total price will be S$4810.31 for both Levels.
(Normal price S$7,319.51)

Meet our Graduates

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Together, Crystal and Dr. Gregor have facilitated training retreats in Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Denmark and the USA for professionals, educators and professors, and have more than 3 decades of combined experience in personal transformation and holistic education around the world.

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