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Deep Human Institute Events

Deep Human Institute (DHI) delivers life-transforming personal growth journeys combining experiential learning and work-life insights for success. We look forward to having you experience our work!

Upcoming events

The Art & Science of Facilitation (Level 1) - New dates

22nd & 23rd April 2024

- Develop inter and intrapersonal skills for effective facilitation

- Deep Human Facilitation approach, focusing on embodiment & the 3 intelligences

- Cultivate mindfulness, active noticing & understand the transformational learning cycle

- Learn to create a safe learning environment

The Art & Science of Facilitation (Level 2)

3rd & 4th June 2024

- Learn situational and group skills & develop psychological safety - Group exercises/facilitation approaches

- Address challenging scenarios, learn workshop design through role-play & live coaching/feedback

- Level 1 completion is required

- Includes 3 virtual small discussion group sessions

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