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Tasha Eurich

NY Times bestselling author of "Insight" and "Bankable Leadership"

“Deep Human is a game changer for anyone who is serious about personal growth, development and positive change.”


Loren I. Shuster

Chief People Officer

The Lego Group

Crystal and Greg blend the latest research, and their unique and diverse experience with pragmatic advice on how each of us can lead a more meaningful and successful life, even as the world around us becomes increasingly demanding.”


Chade-Meng Tan

NY Times bestselling author of "Search Inside Yourself" & philanthropist

I love the idea of advancing our Deep Human superskills to keep pace with the Deep Technology that humanity is developing. Crystal and Greg do a great job articulating the need for more social emotional intelligence in the future of work. Read this like your life depends on it, because it does


Benjamin Butler

Futurist and Founder of Emerging Future Institute

Humanity is now in between stories: the old story and the old world is breaking down and a new one is emerging. Amidst all the confusion this creates, it's critical that we cultivate new approaches and skills. In the age of robots, AI and exponential technologies, we cannot afford to merely become like robots; we need to reconnect to our humanity and become Deep Humans. This book adds much to this important conversation and is a must read in this newly emerging world


Chng Sok Hui

Chief Financial Officer

DBS Bank

The five Deep Human skills are beautifully detailed, with real life examples so that the reader is able to easily relate to them and can immediately start to adopt these in their daily lives – both from a personal and professional perspective. 


Leaders who want to create a high-performance culture will not want to miss Deep Human.


Rick Hanson PhD

New York Times bestselling author of "Hardwiring Happiness", "Buddha's Brain" and "Resilient"

Crystal and Gregor are pioneers of innovative, effective methods in social-emotional learning, leadership and positive neuroplasticity. With great personal integrity, they have a deep commitment to the lasting welfare of others.”


James Tutton

Co-founder of Smiling Mind, Director of Neometro

Crystal and Greg are the rare combination of Eastern and Western cultures, corporate leadership and psychology academic experience, masculine and feminine perspectives. I loved how they combined their talents to produce this powerful and fascinating take on living successfully in the modern world.”


Patrick Grove

Group CEO of Catcha Group, Chairman and Co-founder of iflix

Crystal and Greg have a talent for making extremely complicated subjects come across as easy to understand. An entertaining, thoughtful and practical book, this is the missing manual we all need for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Elaine Yew

Senior Partner and Global Co-Head of Leadership Advisory Practice, Egon Zehnder 

Crystal and Greg’s engaging book really makes the case for “doubling down on human skills “ in a very enjoyable read. The examples and exercises bring concepts to life and really cover the “so what” aspect that many books miss out on


Dr Pradeep Nair

Deputy Vice-chancellor and Chief Academic Officer at Taylor's University

Crystal and Greg are perhaps one of the most powerful proponents of what it takes to make our students and hence universities produce Future Ready Graduates.


They bring to us cutting- edge research and practice which make you want to disrupt what you have today and change, before we become obsolete.”


Francesco Mancini

Associate Dean (Executive Education) of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Greg and Crystal tell us a story in which developing fundamental human skills is the best response to the challenges of profound, continuous and fast change.


The authors not only select five essential ‘deep human superskills’ through years of professional experience, but also explain how to learn them, in what order and for what purpose.


At the end, the book delivers the simple, but often forgotten, recipe to thrive in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: be more human not less.”

Michelle Maldonado.jpg

Michelle L. Maldonado

President & CEO, Lucenscia

Deep Human is truly a work of art and heart; one that gently, but succinctly and skillfully, guides the reader through the difficult and challenging terrain of simply being human at work.

Crystal and Greg have the gift of making the complex simple, understandable and relatable through clear steps, practical tips, tools and examples as well as illustrations that are helpful and engaging.


Deep Human is a refreshing approach to navigating the workplace (and life) more skillfully while also integrating scientific data and facts that support the whole person approach that the world has been waiting for.


Volker Krohn

Director Hoffman Institute APAC

Adaptability has always been humanity’s foremost survival skill.  Crystal and Greg’s book describes what lies ahead for future generations and the skill set required to thrive facing the unknown. Inspirational. (The future is already here).”


Michelle Cheo

CEO Mewah Group

Crystal and Greg through their years of experience in helping people future-proof themselves, illustrate how each of us can grow habits today to make us better deep humans right now


Lisa Crosswhite

Founder & CEO, Lisa von Tang

Crystal masters the art of enabling you to grasp profound, difficult concepts in an effortless and unforgettable way. Her life's work alongside Greg is such a service to humanity, and particularly so, when its this necessary and delicious to absorb in reading.

rowena yeo.jpeg

Rowena Yeo
Global Chief Technology Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Thank you Crystal and Greg for another successful event! Love to make this a regular session - much like vitamins - we need regular dose of it! Love the clarity of the approach that you shared today and amazing panel that you have assembled! Thanks so much!

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