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Resilient Leadership

A rapidly changing world requires leaders to upgrade their abilities to adapt, refocus and connect deeply with their teams.

Join us for this 2-day live virtual training retreat, where participants will learn practical leadership tools, upgrade their social emotional intelligence and people skills, shift their mindsets and enhance their levels of clarity and effectiveness.

Who is this course for?


Leaders looking to update their leadership strategies and upgrade their effectiveness skills


High-performers looking to increase their career mobility and prepare for greater responsibility


Entrepreneurs looking to maximise their effectiveness and invest in their resilience, wellbeing and focus

Business owners

Business owners who want to increase their capacity to lead themselves and others

What will I learn?

Day 1 Curriculum - Leading Yourself

13 August

9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Live online

Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and healthy mindsets for good decision making, communication, team relationships, wellbeing and leadership.

Particular emphasis will be given on experiential learning and demonstrating practical emotional intelligence techniques for leaders to maximise their workplace effectivenes

  • Introduction to Resilient Leadership in a VUCA world

  • Future-ready leadership competencies & mindset

  • What is Emotional Intelligence and why it is crucial for your success

  • Focus and Mindful Leadership

  • Managing emotions & understanding the neuroscience of self-management

  • Good decision making

  • Moving from fear-based responses to rational and creative responses

  • Managing stress and triggers

  • Self-awareness and strategic insight

  • Growth mindset & its relationship with resilience & success

  • Overcoming limiting mindsets and beliefs

  • Personal ownership and responsibility

Day 2 - Leading others through challenging times

14 August

9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Live online

Participants learn the fundamentals of connecting with others, building trust, "holding the space" during a crisis, and communicating with courage and sensitivity during challenging situations.

This segment is rich with practical tools and communication models, role-play, live demonstrations, discussions and interactive activities.

  • Empathy, Trust-building and Empathic Communication

  • Communication styles

  • Stakeholder management and communication

  • Developing and Coaching others

  • Giving skillful feedback

  • Difficult conversations roadmap and tools

  • Conflict resolution

  • Psychological safety for high-performance

  • Creating an inclusive culture

  • Motivation and Integration of resilience and leadership tools

Fees & Registration



Application period :     29 June to 26 July 2020

Course date :             13 & 14 August 2020

Class Time :                9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Course Fees

Full Course Fee :         S$1,391.00

Singaporeans & PRs :  S$417.30

Singaporeans qualified for Skills Future Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy:  S$157.30

Singaporeans and PRs qualified for Enhanced Training Support for SMEs : S$157.30

Course fee is payable upon acceptance. It is inclusive of 7% GST and subject to review

For more information on other subsidies please click here


For enquiries or personal assistance

We are here to help!

Registration enquiries: Please email for registration enquiries

Curriculum enquiries: Please email


"We are a fast growing team in a diverse region navigating through complex change.


Crystal and Greg’s high-impact leadership coaching and training retreats helped us make major mindset shifts and level up our skills and culture.


Plus they’re fun to work with!"

Gautam Talwar, Managing Director, South-East Asia, Spotify


" Leaders who want to create a high-performance culture will not want to miss Deep Human"


Chng Sok Hui

Chief Financial Officer, DBS Bank


“Crystal and Greg blend the latest research, and their unique and diverse experience with pragmatic advice on how each of us can lead a more meaningful and successful life, even as the world around us becomes increasingly demanding.”

Loren I. Shuster

Chief People Office, The Lego Group

Image by James Lee


We are conducting this training with only 30+ participants and anticipate to be fully subscribed. Please register early to avoid disappointment

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