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Forest Wolf's mission is to help the best companies in the world prepare their talent for the era of disruption through teaching them "Deep Human" leadership skills.


Founded by Crystal and Dr. Greg Lim-Lange, Forest Wolf is the only training firm that combines thought leadership in psychology and talent development with academic rigour and unparalleled experience in large-scale systems change.

To date, Forest Wolf has trained more than 20,000 people worldwide from leading companies such as Spotify, GSK, Ernst & Young, University of Copenhagen, Astar, Roche, Soros Foundation, Collectius, Novartis, Shell, Pfizer and many more. Our training has been proven to increase focus, self-awareness and resilience, and has translated into millions of dollars of return on investment for our clients in quality improvements, cost savings and staff performance metrics.

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A 4-week video-based course which can be done at your own timing, Deep Human Resilience focuses on developing 5 aspects of resilience - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social resilience. 


You will build a 5 part self-care action plan and gain practical tools and techniques for greater self-management and self-awareness so as to increase your level of calm, clarity and focus in challenging times

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"We are a fast growing team in a diverse region navigating through complex change.


Crystal and Greg’s high-impact leadership coaching and training retreats helped us make major mindset shifts and level up our skills and culture.


Plus they’re fun to work with!"



Gautam Talwar, Managing Director, South-East Asia, Spotify


" Leaders who want to create a high-performance culture will not want to miss Deep Human"


Chng Sok Hui

Chief Financial Officer, DBS Bank


“Crystal and Greg blend the latest research, and their unique and diverse experience with pragmatic advice on how each of us can lead a more meaningful and successful life, even as the world around us becomes increasingly demanding.”

Loren I. Shuster

Chief People Office, The Lego Group

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